What Can a Whole House Carbon Filter Do For You?

At JD Service Now, we offer many water treatment options. One of these options is a Carbon filter system.

Benefits of Carbon Filters

  • Chlorine Removal - Carbon filters reduce and remove chlorine from city water. This is important because chlorine breaks down many of the moving components in the plumbing system. By installing a carbon filter, the amount of repairs and how often they are needed can be dramatically reduced.
  • Safer Tap Water - Carbon filters can also be beneficial because they help make water from the tap safe to consume. Swimming pools should have a chlorine content of 1-3 parts per million with an average of 2 parts per million. We tested our own water from the tap in Durham and we had 2parts per million.

Count on the expert plumbers at JD Service Now to install a carbon filter system in your home. Our plumbers can test your water to see what contaminants it has and craft a personalized recommendation for water treatment options for your home.

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