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Blog Posts in August, 2012

  • Have You Had Your Water Tested For Chlorine?

    Are you happy with your water quality? Does it have a funny taste or smell? Did you know that chlorine is present in most municipal water at levels equal to what is used in a swimming pool? Swimming pools should have a chlorine content of 1-3 parts per million with an average of 2 parts per million. We tested our own unfiltered water from the tap in Durham, NC and we had a chlorine content of 2 ...
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  • Do Sump Pumps Need Electricity?

    Sump pumps are used in basements or near foundations of buildings where water accumulates from rain or a high water table level. Sump pumps are installed in a sump pit with a gravel base at the lowest ground level. As the pit fills with water, the sump pump pumps the accumulated water away from the foundation of a building through a series of pipes so that water damage does not occur. JD Service ...
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  • What Can a Whole House Carbon Filter Do For You?

    At JD Service Now, we offer many water treatment options. One of these options is a Carbon filter system. Benefits of Carbon Filters Chlorine Removal - Carbon filters reduce and remove chlorine from city water. This is important because chlorine breaks down many of the moving components in the plumbing system. By installing a carbon filter, the amount of repairs and how often they are needed can ...
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  • All You Need to Know About Water Filtration

    When it comes to having healthy water to use in your Durham home or business, water filtration is a must. JD Service Now has plumbers that work with water filtration systems and can help you understand all you need to know. The Water Filtration Basics Water filtration is generally used for drinking water, cooking water, and water utilized in certain industrial environments where water purification ...
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  • When You Should Service Your Water Heater

    Most water heaters only last 10-12 years. Do you know when you will need a new one? You can make your water heater last as long as possible with regular maintenance. When was the last time that your water heater was serviced and inspected? Water Heater Maintenance It is suggested that water heaters be drained and flushed every year. The anode rod should be checked every 2-3 years. When was your ...
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